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Kitchen Chillers as used on East Coast and West Coast Main Line Trains

ECML embarked upon a recent upgrade programme to their Kitchen, Buffet and Staff Car areas to improve the service and product offering to their passengers.  Part of this programme required the design and construction of kitchen chiller cabinets to chill various sizes of food storage and refrigerating cabinets in these areas.  

In conjunction with Brush Wabtec, the appointed main contractor for the project, UA designed, tested and produced kitchen chillers now fitted and operational on the ECML fleet including all Mk3 and Mk4 vehicles.  Our in house design engineers drew on their vast experience in producing refrigeration units for the rail industry to design, prototype and produce large quantities of kitchen chillers to a very tight lead time and delivery schedule.

Performance Specification
This chiller cassette module has been designed to chill approximately 0.75 m3 of volume storage, from ambient temperature of 26 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius in approximately 30 minutes.

The chiller module is capable of maintaining the average temperature within the storage compartment at 3 degrees Celsius throughout normal service use, and set to cycle between 5 and 2 degrees Celsius.

Overall Dimensions and Weight
Height – 290mm
Width – 690mm
Depth – 290mm
Weight – 35kg

Test Certificates Available
Units have been Shock and Vibration tested to BS EN61373:1999,Category 1,Class A.

Unit also compliant with:-
BSEN 61326:2006 Class A for radiated and conducted transmissions
BSEN 61326:2006 immunity for industrial equipment

For further information please click here to contact our technical sales team or telephone 0845 277 6000.